with senior leaders to raise capital easily
You can’t afford right now the dream team with all the required expertises to succeed
in your fundraising campaign and further grow? We assist you to build a team through
mentorship and help you to raise money.
Don’t be in the stats. Wise-bridge will give you the opportunity to gather he right team to succeed
Of pre seed startups fail to raise money because they don’t have the right team
Tell us where
you are
At our platform, we engage with startups to deeply understand their needs and challenges. Through conversations and assessments, we identify gaps in skills and roles within their teams.
of a mentor
By leveraging our expertise and network, we then provide tailored recommendations, outlining the specific types of talents and expertise needed to reinforce their team effectively.

Our goal is to empower startups with the insights and guidance necessary to assemble a cohesive and high-performing team poised for success.

Meet your team and start to work with them for a period of 6 or 18 months

Meet your mentor
Among the more than thousands Mentors that we have carefully selected, there are many different profiles: sales, marketing, data scientists, financial, lawyers, entrepreneurs who have worked with leading companies. To find the one that suits you, we use a AI system: depending on the area of ​​your activity, the stage of progress of your project, our magic matching tool selects who best suits you. Do you want someone else?
You are welcome to select a mentor on your own. Once the mentor confirmed availability, you are in the way of building your dream team.
Select upto 5 mentors for your project.

In the rare case where a mentor does not meet your expectations within first 2 months, do not worry. We discuss together to understand what you are missing, and offer you another Mentor.
Start fundraising campaign

Once you have built your team, you may launch fundraising campaign on our platform.
We support startups raise the money at pre-seed and seed levels.
More than just a capital raise:
Once you finished fundraising round, engage your investors to grow your business: ask them to join become a customer and refer for a customer, enhance perception and awareness of your brand.
Wise-bridge takes a success-based commission at the end of a fundraising campaign: 5% of the money raised in cash, and 1% of the securities issued which are allocated to mentors if you opt for long-term mentors.
Do you want to select short-term mentors or ready to go without mentors?
In this case, no shares are given away.
Join as a mentor
Have you reached the retirement age
and willing to give back?
Share your wisdom with young entrepreneurs, stay connected
and be part of growing community

You would probably love to join 18 months
non-executive board program.

If you would like fewer communications, brief sessions, precise advice - join short-term non-commitment program.
Are you graduate?
You certainly enjoy gaining experience in amazing startup.
Join 6 month internship program, engage with founders,
assist them in multitasking journey.

Such enriching experience will give your opportunity enhancing
your skills, develop expertise and impress your future employers
with incredible CV.
After 6 months of eligibility (trial) period the non-executive board program will give you opportunity to get upto 0.1% shares in a startup over 18 months vetting period.

The pro bono short-term non-commitment program may give you feeling of satisfaction and joyfulness.

The pro bono internship program will enriching experience, work directly with founders and senior leaders. You will be able to mention your experience in your curriculum, which is crucial at the start of career.
Join as investor
Crowdfunding investing — was previously deemed as risky investment.

With Wise-bridge investing becoming comfortable as startups are supported with highly experienced senior mentors.

When you invest through Wise-bridge, you provide money in exchange for a right in equity in a future time. Investments are converted to equity if certain “trigger events” occur, such as the company’s acquisition, IPO or other financing round, using valuation at the conversion time. Investors can also request their cash back if they believe this represents a better return on investment.